Back L to R: Charlie Madaris, Tyler Bozeman, Bradfield Evans
Front L-R: Carrie Madaris, Shelby Kate Madaris, Katie Madaris, Chuck Madaris with Molly Jane Madaris, Shep Evans, Ellis Ann Evans and Kathleen Evans.

CK Cattle is a 3 generation family operation owned and operated by Chuck and Katie Madaris and their family. CK Cattle is located in Hope Hull, Alabama. CK Cattle produces Angus, Chiangus and SimAngus seedstock cattle and commercial cattle.
The operation has grown dramatically since its beginnings. Both children, Charlie and Kathleen have returned home to the farm and started their families.  Today, Charlie along with Kathleen and her husband  Bradfield work full time at the operation. CK cattle consists of 3000 contiguous acres and a base herd of over 700 mamma cows that are primarily fall calving. From those cows we keep around 200 bulls to develop here on the operation. We sell our 2 year old bulls at our annual Headquarters sale in late October. We sell our long yearling bulls in consignment sales along with private treaty sales at the farm. As for the females, we develop and A.I. breed over 200 heifers, both to keep as replacements and market as bred heifers at various outlets throughout the year. One thing that sets this operation apart from many others, is that all of the cattle are raised on this land, and there are no cooperator herds or outside cattle being brought in and marketed.
Great genetics has long been a part of CK Cattle’s management program. A.I. breeding is a huge part of this operation, and demands a lot of the family’s attention throughout the winter. The majority of the mature cowherd will be bred artificially before being exposed to a bull. All heifers will be A.I. bred and then brought back up and rebred on their next cycle if they didn’t catch on the first round.
“One of the greatest satisfactions in this business is seeing our customers succeed and knowing that we played a role in that success.”
We love visitors and sharing with our customers what works for us. For more information about CK Cattle and to schedule a ranch visit contact CK Cattle.

CK Cattle Bulls pic

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