CK Feedyard Performance Data

CK Cattle retained ownership on 4 loads of calves born fall 2015 and collected data on these cattle after they were fed and finished in Spring of 2017.  All of the calves were born and raised on the CK Cattle operation in Lowndes county AL.  These calves that we sent to be fed are the BOTTOM END OF OUR CALF CROP.  Anything that we felt didn’t make the cut as a bull or as a replacement female is what we shipped to be fed.  The heavy steers and the load of heifers were fed at HY-PLAINS Feedyard in Montezuma, KS.  The lighter steers and the mixed load of steers/heifers was fed at Black Gold Feedyard in Vermont, IL.  All four loads performed very well with minimal death loss and very few health related issues.  The closeout and performance data for each load of calves is attached in the pdf’s below.


There were 248 calves in all.
91% graded USDA Choice or higher.
34% graded CAB (Certified Angus Beef)
Carcass weights averaged 833 lbs
Ribeye Area averaged 13.82 cm
Backfat averaged 0.52 cm

Heavy steers that went to Hy-Plains Feedyard in Montezuma, KS.
Hy Plains Steers Settlement and National grid

Load of heifers that went to Hy-Plains Feedyard in Montezuma KS.
Hy Plains Heifer Settlement Statement

Lighter steers fed at Black Gold.
Black Gold Steers settlement and Grid

Mixed load of steers/heifers fed at Black Gold.
Black Gold Mixed Load Grid

Load of heifers that were killed in Spring of 2014.  They were fed at JBS Five Rivers Feedyard in Dalhart, TX.
2014 heifers closeout and grid